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 APRIL 8, 2014
Program:  Antique Appraisal Event
           Mini Roadshow
Bring your antique items to be evaluated on
April 8 at William's on the Lake.  Try to arrive a few minutes early with you items. 
   Is it trash?  Is it treasure? Is it priceless? 
Antique Dealer, Evie Kidder with booths and showcases at Copley Circle Antique Mall and Medina Antique Mall, with her partner, Russ Allen, will appraise up to two items per person (Bring picture of furniture).
First there will be a short talk on antiques.  Then an evaluation of the items YOU bring.  Your $5 donation per item will help fund our scholarship and teacher grant programs.
This promises to be a fun, informative, interesting, and beneficial program.  You might even win a prize!
Find out if it is TRASH or TREASURE!  Antiques that need to be fed or watered - like us- will not be appraised!

Menu:  Bacon, lettuce & tomato wrap, creamy potato soup, beverage, dessert

 JUNE 10, 2014
 AUGUST 12, 2014
 OCTOBER 14, 2014

Be a Winner: 
DOOR PRIZE at our general meetings 
October 2013, $15 Bob Evans card winner was
Beth Findura (Medina)- Congratulations! 

Barb Woodman (Brunswick) won a year membership to ORTA.
Who will win big at our next meeting
April 8, 2014??  Make sure you will be there.

Who said:  Our Education System: "Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid."

The answer to this trivia question can be found somewhere on this web site. Record your answer at the April luncheon. The winning answer will be drawn during our meeting.  Good Luck!

Trivia Question for October 8:
Who said: 
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Answer:  Nelson Mandela
Trivia winner:  Jo Anne Zurell

     Extra!  Extra!
    Read All About It!

Attend the April 8, 2014, luncheon/meeting.
There will be a drawing after lunch and one lucky 
member will reimbursed the price of lunch.
Yes! There is a free lunch! 
        Lunch will be on us! 
, 2013, luncheon winner was Leonard Machles (Medina).  Congratulations!  Leonard donated his winnings to our scholarship fund.  Thank you, Leonard, for your generous donation.
Join us April 8, 2014.  You could be our next winner!

  Our meetings begin at NOON with lunch.

Agenda:  Registration, social, lunch followed  
    with a program and our MCRTA  business    
    meeting.   Can't make the luncheon?  You
    can join us around 1:00 for the program.

Where:  **Williams on The Lake**
                  787 Lafayette Road, Medina, Ohio
Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event. Bring a fellow retiree and be entered into a drawing for a gift card. October, 2013 gift card winner was Geoff Killey.  1st time newly retired teachers - lunch is on us!!   
Kiss  But you do need a reservation.

Reservation Form:  Please complete and send this form along with a check payable to MCRTA for $11.00 per person before MARCH 31, 2014 (so Joanne can call our reservations into Williams on the Lake only once please, please) to:

P.O. Box 188
Sharon Center, Oh  44274

Phone No.__________
   Please reserve ___ spaces    
   Amount enclosed______
($11.00/person, please do not send cash)

Check if this is your first luncheon (free)__


If you are unable to attend meetings and would like updates on legislative or Medina County general information, send your e-mail address to:  

 Russ Huston

Sue McMullen (Sunshine),
   330-725-0480 if you have information concerning members or their families.